Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Farewell, My Sweet Brassfield

The greatest achievements, the greatest experiences, and the most powerful life lessons require dedication, perseverance, hard work, and belief.

Each of you over the last 4 years has shown me that you have the skills, the character, the will, and the gifts and talents to accomplish your most wildly ambitious dreams – regardless of the mistakes that you have made and the mistakes that you have yet to make - the barriers that you have already overcome and the barriers that you have yet to face.

Barriers are disguised gifts.

They will make you stronger and smarter, and they will prepare you to effectively manage life’s most grueling challenges and obstacles. 

Don’t be afraid of them. Don’t let them define you. Let them grow you.

As I always say, year after year – Be kind. Take responsibility. Own your mistakes – you’ll make them, everybody does. Choose people over things. Relationships matter. Be courageous. Earn trust. Work hard. No excuses, no regrets. Don’t aim for perfection – it doesn’t exist.

Aspire to become better.

I am lucky to have had the privilege to learn alongside of you, and I know – without a doubt – our future is bright, because you are our future.

May happiness consume you as you embark on this new adventure and all those that will follow.

Mrs. MacWilliams