Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Welcome to the 2014-2015 School Year!

Welcome to the 2014-2015 school year!

The Brassfield Family wishes Ms. Karen Lancaster, our beloved Physical Education teacher, a happy and healthy new beginning in her well deserved retirement. Ms. Lancaster has served the children of North Carolina for over 40 years.

Mr. Dustin Flahive, who has served as a special education instructional assistant at Brassfield since 2012, will be rejoining our team this school year as Coach Flahive. We're looking forward to a very active 2014-2015 under Coach Flahive's instructional leadership.

Track 2 teachers, Ms. Emily Taylor and Ms. Kelly Birkenmeyer, will both be missed next school year, as their professional journeys have led them away from our beautiful state of North Carolina. Ms. Taylor will be relocating to Maryland and Ms. Birkenmeyer will be moving to Indiana.

We are envious of Ms. Nancy Dupre, who has served as an instructional assistant at Brassfield since 2012, who will be traveling around the country this upcoming year with her husband in their RV.

Our part-time English as a Second Language teacher, Ms. Robyn Ormond, has secured a full-time position at Oak Grove Elementary, here in Wake County. While we are sad to see her leave, we are so happy that she will have the opportunity to work closer to her home, full-time.

The Brassfield team is thrilled to welcome Ms. Krista Chern, seasoned NBCT Leesville Elementary teacher, to our 1st grade team. Ms. Chern will be a tremendous asset to our school community.

Ms. Maria Olson, our wonderful school social worker since 2013, will be moving to a 10 month position. Ms. Jeanice Young will be joining our team as her replacement.

T1 Ms. Kimberley Fuller
T1 Ms. Maegan Dobner
T2 Ms. Erika Helms
T2 Ms. Renee Wike
T3 Ms. Brittany Birkenmeyer
T4 Ms. Tamara Argueta

First Grade
T1 Ms. Tricia Foushee
T1 Ms. Jackson-Clark (Substitute: Ms. Gwen Kilian)
T2 Ms. Beth Varner
T2 Ms. Krista Chern
T3 Ms. Rosslyn Frick
T4 Ms. Carter Smith

Second Grade
T1 Ms. Hillary Gilland
T1 Dr. Elaine Cansler
T2 Ms. Megan Fanning
T2 Ms. Chelsea Crump
T3 Ms. Cristine Kardas
T4 Ms. Meg Cassidy

Third Grade
T1 Ms. Nancy Masteller
T1 Ms. Pam Emerson
T2 Ms. Tina Minehart
T2 Ms. Cindy Fields
T3 Ms. Kate Mankowski
T4 Ms. Deb Betheil

Fourth Grade
T1 Mr. Jason Danahy
T1 Ms. Erin Mayer
T2 Ms. Alyssa Estrela
T3 Ms. Michele Lagasse
T4 Ms. Angie Sult

Fifth Grade
T1 Ms. Ellen Beyer
T1 Ms. Kelly Topoll
T2 Ms. Stacy Kessler
T2 Ms. Laura Graf
T3 Ms. Laura Allen
T4 Ms. Julie Lanphear

Ms. Katherine Eatmon
Ms. Esther Richardson
Ms. Melina Fernandez
Ms. Rhonda Williams

Art Ms. Annie Pakes
Music Ms. Emily Nixon
Physical Education Mr. Dustin Flahive
Spanish Ms. Libby Lipetzki
Learning Commons Specialist Ms. Emily Harkey
Instructional Technology Facilitator Ms. Jean Monroe

K-2 Literacy Specialist/ESL Ms. Amy Buchan
3-5 Literacy Specialist/ESL/IRT Dr. Margaret Howard
Math Specialist Ms. Larissa Peluso-Fleming
Special Education Ms. Deb Nixon
Special Education Ms. Joan Crain
Special Education Ms. Shelly Conti
Academically or Intellectually Gifted Ms. Patty Carr
Speech Language Pathologist Anne Constable

School Psychologist Dr. Kim Getty
Counselor Mr. Zach Turley
Social Worker Jeanice Young

Instructional Assistants
Ms. Jessica Miller
Ms. Jenny Holt
Ms. Keisha Teasley
Ms. Masako Regan
Ms. Shirley Hunter
Ms. Regina Naugle
Ms. Sheree Bruinton
Ms. Patty Nore
Ms. Sue Hoit
Ms. Corey Perrott
Ms. Bobby Walston

Office Staff
Receptionist Ms. Kimberly Edgreen
Data Manager Ms. Kathie Hill
Secretary Ms. Sharon Nordberg
Nurse Ms. Violet Manson
Assistant Principal Mr. Travis Shillings
Principal Ms. Elizabeth MacWilliams

We're looking forward to another incredible school year!